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Alternative Science

Alternative Science - provides an alternative view of scientific discovery by writer, broadcaster, and journalist Richard Milton.

Biovilk Program- research in the area of energy fields surrounding man and their impact on human health.

Central Expanding Earth Exchange - provides information and discussion about earth expansion theory and the flaws of plate tectonics.

Close Encounter - telepathic close encounter leaves the author with an explanation of atoms, gravity, galaxies; complete with spherical orbital pattern relating directly to the Periodic Table of the Elements.

Cosmic Matters - The philosophical implications of the Cosmological Anthropic Principle, the nature of reality and the ultimate fate of mankind.

Edible Brain - devoted to mind, alternative thought, and tasty ideas, from physics to world culture.

Fourth Dimension, The - ordinary people theorize on the nature of the universe.

Lawson's Progress - stories, images, and primary sources portray the life of Alfred Lawson, a baseball player, aviation pioneer, and cult leader.

Leading Edge International Research Group

Science Frontiers: Digest of Scientific Anomalies - newsletter of the unusual & unexplained, including strange science, bizarre biophysics, anomalous astronomy, and weird weather.

Society for Scientific Exploration - provides a professional forum for presentations, criticism, and debate concerning topics which are ingored or studied inadequately within mainstream science. - introducing Concept One, offering scientific discoveries that link the Sun's energy to the actual causes of natural catastrophes.

Taos Hum - A webpage and email list for discussion of the "Taos Hum," that low throbbing sound heard in quiet locations throughout the US. The source is still a mystery.

Timelab - experiment investigating a possible form of time travel. It also explains the procedure for interested visitors.

Weird Science - a collection of files and links dealing with unconventional physics, including energy machines, gravity devices, Tesla, anomalies, and more.


Cold Fusion

What Is the Current Scientific Thinking on Cold Fusion? - Scientific American's experts discuss whether there is any validity to this phenomenon.

Attempted Replication of the CETI Cold Fusion Experiment - by Barry Merriman with Paul Burchard.

Cold Fusion Index - lectures and essays.

Cold Fusion Primer - based on the state of affairs in early 1994.

Cold Fusion Research - November 1989 report of the Energy Research Advisory Board to the United States Department of Energy.

Cold Fusion Rise & Fall

Coldd Fusion Times- journal of the scientific aspects of loading isotopic fuels into materials.

Cold Nuclear Fusion Research - includes an overview of cold fusion and a cold fusion experiment construction guide.

Infinite Energy - international magazine of cold fusion and new energy technology. Includes FAQ and references.

Saturna Technologies - dedicated to the development of a line of laboratory research instruments that reliably produce "cold fusion" reactions on demand.

What If Cold Fusion Is Real? - November 1998 Wired story investigating cold fusion research still going on at the time.


Alcor Life Extension Foundation - providing state-of-the-art cryonics services since 1972.

American Cryonics Society

CryoCare Foundation - human cryopreservation services.

CryoNet - mailing list.

Cryonics Association of Australia - dedicated to helping Australians obtain suspension after legal death.

Cryonics Institute - services, history, prices, news, technology, and philosophy.

New Zealand Cryonics Society - dedicated to assisting New Zealanders who wish to use cryonic suspension upon legal death.

Timeship - project developing a comprehensive facility devoted entirely to life extension research and cryopreservation.


Flat Earth Society

Flat Earth Society

The Flat-out Truth

FlatEarthers/HollowEarthers - directory of links related to the flat and hollow earth theories.


Hollow Earth

Hollow Earth in the Puranas - essay on the Hollow Earth theory as an alternative to the Aryan Invasion theory.

Hollow Earth Insider, The (THEI) - magazine featuring information from a worldwide group of insiders researching the Hollow Earth/Subterranean mysteries, as well as the UFO/Alien connection and other theories.

Hollow Earth Map - Shaverton illustration by Max Fyfield.

Hollow Earth Theory, Article #718 - brief and critical explanation of the Hollow Earth theory from the Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Hollow Earth: Fact or Fiction - includes a diagram of the Earth by Raymond Bernard and images from space.

Hollow Planets - directory of writings on the Hollow Earth theory. Includes pictures from Planet Zero.

International Society for a Complete Earth (ISCE) - investigating and celebrating the potential of an inner world.

Spiritweb: Hollow Earth

Subterranean Tunnels and the Hollow Earth - from World Explorer by David Hatcher Childress.

UnMuseum, The: The Hollow Earth - examines the theory which was initially proposed by Edmund Halley in 1692.

World Top Secret: Our Earth Is Hollow - by Rodney M. Cluff. Examines the theory that the Earth, Moon, and planets could be hollow bodies and possibly inhabited from within.

Alternative Technology

Alternative Technology Association - dedicated to solar and wind power, sustainable development, ethical investment, and alternative technology.

StarDrive - dedicated to fostering increased public awareness and education in the theoretical and technological aspects of interstellar travel.

New Physics

Alternative Physics Based on Particles' Internal Energy Model - some alternative ideas about relativity and other things.

Bearden and Hoagland - critical notes on Tom Bearden, Richard Hoagland, and AIAS.

Common Sense Science - a revolutionary new physical model for elementary particles, the atom and the nucleus.

Cosmos - Another View - another way of looking at the fundamental workings of the universe.

Discrete Donut Twisted Chain Model of Space and Matter - provides a bottom-up explanation of space.

Discrete Spacetime - discrete quantum spacetime model underlying the standard model of particle physics. - explores experimental approaches to mind-matter interactions. Covers physics, neurophysiology, transpersonal psychology, parapsychology, and more.

Eric's TimeScience Pages - offers theories on time sensing, autoadaptation, and more.

Eve, A Model of Aether

Filter Mechanics - a new theory of how and why the universe exists.

FuturePropulsion - information about and diagrams of a groundbreaking means of space propulsion that can only be configured as a dome-topped disk.

Helical Structures Foundation - promoting BSM theory about the physical structure of nature from micro to macro scale.

Meta-Particles - explains how material particles come into existence from dynamic metaphysical reality.

Pattern, The - where science meets the mind meets the spirit. Excerpts from "The Pattern - The Fundamental Pattern of Reality?"

Physics and Psychics - physicist looks at the paranormal.

Physics of the Unbelievable

Physics or Metaphysics? - discussions concerning applications of all sciences relative to metaphysics.

Project Rishi Society - objective is to form a basis for development, establishment and advancement of the understanding of a profound, detailed and universal theory of unity, which unifies physics, mind and consciousness.

Psychophysics and Consciousness - matter and consciousness in physical experiments; universal and personal consciousness.

Ricardo Libertario Carezani, Physicist - discovered a flaw in Einstein's special theory of relativity, and father of Autodynamics.

Scriptural Physics - application of scriptural principles clarifies difficult conceptual problems in atomic physics, quantum mechanics, and cosmology.

Society for the Advancement of Autodynamics - picks up where special relativity leaves off, including breaking the light speed barrier. Offers articles, book reviews, chat, polls, and more.

Super Universe and Relativity Hypothesis - conceptual model that goes outside our universe. Expanding on relativity, chaos, and more.

Transcendental Perspectivism - outline of a new philosophy based on partnership, empowerment, and a mathematical physical theory of everything (quantum animism).

Ultimate Theory of Everything - attempt to develop a Theory of Everything from a geometrical basis. General Relativity and Quantum Uncertainty have shown that non-Euclidean space may yield curvature.

Unified Structure of Universe - theory that claims qualitative similarity in structure and forces of interactions between subatomic and galactic formations.

Virtual Chaos - a theory of everything. Educates the public about common questions about science and the humanities.

Web Directory: New and Alternative Theories of Physics


Free Energy

Creative Science & Research - offers diagrams and how-to videos for building free energy engines, heaters, and more.

Free Electricity - provides information on an electrostatic generator which utilizes the electron cascade principle to accumulate electric charge, and to then transform that charge into current electricity.

How to Control Gravity - the mysterious motion of a top and the flying principal of UFO's. I have written this seriously.

Integrity Research Institute - offering conferences and publications on energy research, future technologies, and public education.

Jim's Free Energy Page - free energy experiments and new free energy devices.

KeelyNet - alternative science information sharing group specializing in free energy, gravity reduction and electronic health.

Magnetic Energy to Heal the Planet - offers information to construct free energy devices with no pollution that provide energy, transportation, water, heat, light, and more.

Pollution-Free Energy Generator - claim that a perpetual motion device that does not break the first and second laws of thermodynamics has been designed.

Review of Free Energy Experiments


Time Travel

A Scientist's View of Time Travel - is it really possible?

Brian's Views on Time Travel and Interdimentional Voyages - research paper on time travel, and the principles supporting it.

NOVA: Time Travel - features an interview with Carl Sagan, a book excerpt, and a glossary.

Physics of the Mysterious - thoughts of a theoretical physicists on channelling, time travel and the paradigm shift.

Stephen's Time Travel Page - features lists of books, films, and links.

Time Travel - an optimistic assertion about the possibilities of travel back and forth through time.

Time Travel Institute - study and research of time travel and related materials.

Time Travel Research Center - explore the possibilities on the exciting new frontier of time travel.


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