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AdZe MiXXe - includes astrology predictions, oracles, horoscopes, almanac, love and sexual compatibility, and noteworthy biographies.

AngelsAstrology - offers forecasts, pet astrology, and personalized astrocharts.

AquarianAge - cooperative site built by practitioners of astrology and New Age arts as a showcase of wisdom and talent.

Astro Awareness - information on moon phases, planet and star alignment, horoscopes, monthly forecasts, and more.

Astro Gab - news you can use right now; holistic health, comets, earthquakes, and the music of the spheres.

Astrologer's Cookbook, The

Astrology - more than just star-gazing.

Astrology by Moonlight - monthly newsletter of astrological interest.

Astrology for Beginners

Astrology UK - featuring information on astrology, horoscopes, sun signs, star signs, the zodiac, and consultations. - basic astrology and numerology, including planets in signs, planets in houses, aspects between planets, and the twelve Ascendants.

Astrospeak - includes numerology, tarot, palmistry, vastu, gemmology, and celebrity, Indian, and Chinese astrology.

Australian Astrology Newsletter - presented weekly with articles addressing trends in the sun signs and their effects. Includes explanations of charts and events. - offering natal charts, interpretations, tutorials, quizzes, and more.

Environmental Cosmology- investigation of the underlying structure, organizing principles, and theory of astrology as a system of knowledge.

Glossary of Horary Astrology - terms used in classical horary astrology, the branch devoted to answering questions based on a horoscope of the moment of the question.

Isis Astrology

Jagjit Uppal - provides forecasts and articles.

Lilly, William (1602-1681) - explores the world of the 17th Century astrologer.

Lois Rodden's AstroDatabank - learn astrology by example and test your theories and techniques.

NewAgeNow - contains forecasts and articles.

Night Light News - follows the monthly movements of the Sun, Moon and planets and explains how their light, falling to Earth, not only affects us physically but provides us with information.

Role of the Least-Aspected Planet In Astrocartography, The - a look at planetary symbolism in astrocartography and transcendental astrology.

Sidereal-Tropical Astrology - works with the tropical zodiac (popularly represented as the signs) and the sidereal or fixed star constellation zodiac.

United Astrology Conference - to be held in Orlando, Florida from July 18-24th, 2002.

Vietnamese Zodiac - includes find your sign, cycles, animal tales, famous people, and more.

Wade, Paul - official site of the professional astrologer. Free zodiac screensavers, astrology games, monthly forecasts, sun sign analyses, and chatroom.


Chinses Astrology

Chinese Astrology (Dipper) - a study which contains astronomy, geography, mathematics, statistics, logical theories, and common sense.

Chinese Astrology and Fengshui - offers four pillars calendar, seminars, and more.

Chinese Astrology: An Ancient Viewpoint on Temperament and Personality - offers prediction of the Eastern zodiac signs, compatibility chart, 3000 year almanac, and birth chart by a Chinese astrologer, Shelly Wu.

Chinese Fortune Calendar Online - fortune-telling and horoscope calendar.

Chinese Horoscopes - offers lunar calendar, five elements, and more. Year of the Water Horse - by Shelly Wu.

Sonia's Chinese Astrology - includes advice and links.


American Federation of Astrologers - astrological association and publisher of books, horoscopes, and other materials.

Association for Astrological Psychology - non-membership organization dedicated to the integration of astrology and psychology.

Astrolog - offers astrology programs.

Astrological Association of Utah

Astrological Lodge of London - contains history, membership details, programme of events, and more.

Astrological Society of Connecticut - information about lectures and membership.

British Association for Vedic Astrology (BAVA) - founded by BV Raman and David Frawley, aims to promote knowledge of Vedic Astrology.

International Society for Astrological Research, The (ISAR) - promotes astrological education, research, study of Mundane astrology, and the correlation of astrological signatures to current issues.

Mission Astrology Group - meets monthly to discuss techniques and generate charts. Online astrological and astronomical information for the SF Bay Area.

National Council for Geocosmic Research - one of the largest, globally recognized, astrological organizations in the U.S., provides information and certified testing for all levels of astrology

Organization for Professional Astrology

Sabian Assembly - experimental laboratory in living, using the philosophy of dynamic idealism developed by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.

South Bay Astrological Society - offers lectures, events, and newsletter.


Astrology World News - offers news, forecasts, and paid services.

Daykeeper Journal Online - astrology, consciousness and transformation with Maya del Mar.

Heaven's Almanac - offers articles and information about using astrology to plan for success.

Mountain Astrologer, The - magazine for professional astrologers as well as students.

Place in Space, A - astrology articles for self-knowledge, healing, and purpose.

Welcome to Planet Earth - contains articles on astrology related to current events, people in the news, and major happenings around the globe.

Verdic Astrology

123India: Horoscopes - features forecasts, dictionary, chakras, numerology, dreams, auras, and community forums.

Aryabyatt - offers articles, lessons, forecasts, and paid services.

Astralguide - offers articles, forecast of world events, and customized report of karmic cycles.

Astro Journey to the Zodiac Secrets - features planetary influences, tantra, remedials, rudraksha, and personalized horoscope services.

Astro World - includes history, trivia, tajika sastra, planetary effects, match making, jamini, remedial, and medical astrology.

Astrology of India - informs about Vedic Astrology or Jyotish Shastra.

Astrology on Boloji - contains articles about Jyotish shastra.

Astroyogi - features forecasts, fruit astrology, numerology, face reading, tarot, feng shui, and handwriting analysis.

British Association for Vedic Astrology (BAVA) - founded by BV Raman and David Frawley, aims to promote knowledge of Vedic Astrology.

Chennai Online: Astrology - features forecasts and articles.

Horoscope Guru - includes forecasts, numerology, Chinese, health, and celebrity horoscopes.

Indiainfo: Astrology - features horoscopes, astro zone, celeb corner, baby names, and paid services.

Indian Astrology - features news, forecasts, mantras, articles, and paid services.

Indolink Astrology - offers forecasts, greeting cards, and consultations.

Indya: Astrology - offers horoscopes, numerology, palmistry, vaastu, tarot, and celebrity corner.

International Institute of Predictive Astrology (IIPA) - offers a quaterly journal, regional workshops, and presentations.

JanmPatrika - offers horoscopes, remedies, consultations, and training.

Journal of Astrology - features astrology lessons, news, events, and articles by KN Rao.

Leo Astro Academy - features muhurats, panchang, forecasts, festivals, navagrah japam, articles, and customized predictions.

Love & Marriage - explains astrological factors that influence marriage.

NowIndia: Astrology - includes analysis of dreams, faces, names, numbers, birthday, Chinese, and Celtic forecasts.

Pandita Dharma Datta - features hora techniques, financial astrology, muhurta, and spirituality.

Rediff Astrology - offers forecasts, kundali matcher, palmistry, mystic arts, and customized predictions.

Sify Astrology - covers numerology, tarot, gemmology, panchang, and horoscopes.

Systems' Approach to Vedic Astrology - contains introductory lessons and membership details.

Vedic Astrology Webring - offers lessons, analysis of celebrity horoscopes, bookstore, and birth chart reports.

Vedic Shaktis - features chakras, planet mantras, panchang, navagrahas, and vedic therapy.

Vedicfuture - features horoscopes, numerology, vastu, panchang, nakshatras, baby names, gemology, gift shop, remedial, and medical astrology.

Zodiac Signs

Astrological Profiles - includes descriptions of each of the star signs.

Astrology Index - features horoscopes, compatibility ratings, sign descriptions, and birth charts.

Astrology Now - detailed information on your astrological sign and compatibility. Horoscopes - featuring daily, weekly, and monthly predictions of your sign.

Zodiac House - guide to astrological sign groupings.

Zodiacal Zephyr - fully linked astrologer's resource directory, plus articles, ephemeri, and more for the experienced astrologer.

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