Atlantide Home - interpretation of the mysterous land with color images.

Atlantis - Fact, Fiction or Exaggeration - with information and links to a number of different sources.

Atlantis - The Lost Continent Finally Found - presenting a new theory on Atlantis.

Atlantis Discovered - expedition researching new information for location of the ancient sunken city.

Atlantis Revealed - explores several different theories surrounding the legend.

Atlantis the Final Solution? - interview with Alan F. Alford concerning a possible connection between Antarctica and Atlantis.

Atlantis, Mu and Lemuria - tales and speculation about Atlantis.

Atlantis, The Lost City

Atlantis.....Thira? - discusses the theory that Atlantis existed on the Greek islands of Crete, Thira, and possibly those surrounding.

Atlantis: A Lost Continent of Technology - collection of theories.

Atlantis Research. The Lost Continent of Atlantis. Myth or Reality? Atlantis Research. The lost continent of Atlantis. Myth or reality? Read an article published in HERA a popular Italian magazine.  

Atlantis: Myth or History? Plato's history-is it myth or reality?  

Atlantis: Ice Age Civilization - Viatcheslav Koudriavtsev's hypothesis on Plato's Atlantis, with additional information on the subject.

Atlantis: The Great Lost Civilization - theories about Atlantis and its demise. Also some information about Edgar Cayce.

Atlantis: Timaeus and Critias - features two of Plato's dialogues, which specifically refer to Atlantis.

Descendants of Legendary Atlantis - theory of the history of Atlantis including references to Plato, possible descendants, and location.

Historic Atlantis in Bolivia - argument for South America being the lost continent.

History of the Golden Ages - detailed accounts the various aspects of the legend of Atlantis

Lost Continent of Atlantis - proposing a connection between Minoan Crete and Atlantis.

Lost Continent Finally Found, The - Organizes Atlantis articles about scientific evidence, presence in world myth and religion, and mention in the news. Answers FAQs as well.  

The lost city of Atlantis - The lost city of Atlantis may exist only in the minds of believers, but you can learn about Atlantis' history here.  

Is the lost island of Atlantis myth or reality? A Greek answer Is the lost island of Atlantis myth or reality? Where did Atlantis exist? Which people inhabited it? Which civilization did they develop?

Minoan Civilization - Unearthing Plato's Atlantis - Discusses Walter Evan's archeological discovery of the Minoans and their culture in 1894. Examines the Atlantis/Minoan Crete hypothesis. 

Santorini and the Legend of Atlantis: The Minoan Eruption on Santorini as Possible Origin? - some notes on the written sources and their interpretation.

Sunken Kingdom, The - Peter James' book places Atlantis in Turkey and explains how the destruction of a Bronze Age city evolved into the Atlantis myth. 

Two Theories About the Location of Atlantis - summary of 2 books with alternative theories about the location of Atlantis.

Theories on the Location Considers Antarctica, South America, and other regions as possible Atlantis locations.  


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