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Ben S. Roesch's Cryptozoology - Information, the latest reports and news, and more for anyone interested in cryptozoology, the scientific study of "hidden animals", such as bigfoot and sea serpents.

British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club - committed to research, investigation, and maintaining databases on cryptozoological animals, including Ogopogo, Cadborosaurus and Sasquatch.

British Big Cat Mystery - information about the mysterious big cats alleged to be roaming the British Isles.

CryptoCumbria - explores mysterious animals sited in Cumbria. Also discusses fortean zoology and animal folklore.

Cryptozoological Realms

Cryptozoology - contains a compilation of stories and sites. - information, photos, and illustrations of strange, out of place, or unknown animals.

Cryptozoology: Bigfoot to Nessie

Expeditions into Myth: In Search of Seaman - searching for the legendary creature in its natural environment to breed it in a controlled environment.

Nguoi Rung - Vietnamese Forest People - mythical wildman or missing ape?

Official Drop Bear Sightings Headquarters Australia - field reports and a journal on the search for the elusive Drop Bear.

Strange Science: The Rocky Road to Modern Paleontology and Biology - looks at misguided attempts to explain natural history, including honest and not-so-honest mistakes about dinosaurs, mammals, sea monsters, and prehistoric beasts.

Strangeworld - news, sightings, archives, expedition information, and other cryptozoology-related information.

Unusual Research: Cryptozoology


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