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General Paleontology Links

Paleontology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Paleontology Portal

What is Paleontology?

Paleontology and Fossils Resources

ScienceDaily: Paleontology News

USGS Paleontology Home page for paleontology at the US Geological Survey

Nearctica - Paleontology including dinosaurs, trilobites, amber


Open Directory-Paleontology

Dinosauria On-Line

Strange Science: The Rocky Road to Modern Paleontology and Biology

USGS Paleontology

Chris Clowes's Paleontology Page



A History of Evolutionary Thought

The Granger Papers Project

Haddonfield and the 'Bone Wars'

A History of Dinosaur Hunting

Paleontology in the 21st Century

History of paleontology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Rocky Road to Modern Paleontology and Biology - Strange Science

CMNH Invertebrate Paleontology: Section History



Robert T. Bakker - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Robert Bakker Bio

PrehistoricPlanet Features Robert T. Bakker

Bob Bakker

Bakker Page

Robert T. Bakker


YouTube - Jurassic Park on Sega Genesis w/ Robert T. Bakker

Bakker, Robert T - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Bakker

John Ostrom

Ostrom, John -- Britannica Student Encyclopedia

Paul Sereno

Paul Sereno - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Paul Sereno's Home Page

Paul Sereno - National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence

The Bone Zone - Dinosaur Detective, Thomas R. Holtz

Thomas Holtz - Department of Geology - University of Maryland

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Thomas R. Holtz: Books

Kenneth Carpenter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Bone Zone - Kenneth Carpenter - Dinosaur Interplanetary Gazette

Artist: Kenneth Carpenter [The Dinosauricon]

Edward Drinker Cope - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Edward Drinker Cope -- Encyclopaedia Britannica

Rocky Road: Edward Drinker Cope

Dr. Philip J. Currie

Bone Zone - Dinosaur Detective, Phillip J. Currie at The Dinosaur

Phil Currie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

John R Horner

Jack Horner - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jack Horner knows his dinosaurs -

Thomas Huxley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Huxley File

Thomas H. Huxley Quotes - The Quotations Page

Georges Cuvier - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Georges Cuvier (1769-1832)

Georges Cuvier

Georges, Baron Cuvier -- Encyclopaedia Britannica

Georges Cuvier, Baron (French zoologist) -- Encyclopaedia Britannica

Othniel Charles Marsh - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Othniel Charles Marsh -- Encyclopaedia Britannica

Othniel Charles Marsh (1831-1899

Yale Peabody Museum: History and Archives: Othniel Charles Marsh

Red Cloud and O.C. Marsh

Richard Owen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Richard Owen

Sir Richard Owen -- Encyclopaedia Britannica

Richard Owen (1804-1892)

Richard Owen's review of the Origin of Species


Paleo/Dinosaur Art

Dinosaur Illustration

Dinosaurs at Prehistorics Illustrated

The Dinosaur Art Gallery of Joe Tucciarone

Dinosaurs- (Dinosaur Habitat Dioramas & Paleo Art)

Dan Varner Paleo-Life Art

Dino Land Graphics: Paleo Art by Chris Brusatte

Kent's Art


Michael Trcic Studio - Sculptor of Western and Paleo Art

The Dinosaur Art Of Frank DeNota


The Dinosaur Studio Home Page


Paleontological Societies, Clubs and Research Groups

The Society of Vertebrate Paleontology

Alberta Palaeontological Society

Delaware Valley Paleontological Society

Birmingham Paleontological Society

Dallas Paleontological Society

Florida Fossil Hunters

Kentucky Paleontological Society

New Jersey Paleontological Society

Southern California Paleontological Society

New York Paleontological Society

Western Interior Paleontological Society

Southwest Paleontological Society

Pander Society

Paleontological Society of Southern Arizona

The Palaeontological Association

The Paleontological Society

The Dry Dredgers

Palaeobotanical Research Group

Paleontological Research Institution

Paleontological Institute, University of Kansas

Bristol University Palaeontology Page


Utah Friends of Paleontology

Blomidon Naturalist's Society

Dinosaur Society

International Palaeontological Association

Association of Australasian Palaeontologists

Utah Friends of Paleontology



UCMP - University of California Museum of Paleoontology

The Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology

National Center for Science Education

Florida Museum of Natural History

Dinosaur State Park

Falls of the Ohio State Park

The Canowindra Story - The Australian Museum and The Age of Fishes

American Museum of Natural History

The Hunterian Museum - Scotland

Peabody Museum of Natural History

Tokyo National Science Museum

Dinosaur Exhibit

The Hairy Museum of Natural History

University of Wyoming Geological Museum

Fundy Geological Museum

The Court of Bambiraptor feinbergi

Dinosaur Safari

Hatching the Past: Dinosaur Eggs

National Dinosaur Museum in Australia

Dinosaur National Monument

Blue Mesa Sauropod Rescue

Sue at the Field Museum

The Dinosaur Museum

Dinosaur Land, Virginia

Dinosaur Adventure Park

Great Island Science and Adventure Park

The T. rex Expo: Building the Perfect Beast

Texas Natural Science Center

Oregon Paleo Lands Institute

The Fossil Gallery: Paleontological Museum at the University of Oslo, Norway

Smithsonian's Paleobiology website


Fossils/Fossil Collecting

Fossil Legislation and Ethics

Park Geology: Tour of Fossil Parks

Ordovician Fossils in Nevada

Virtual Fossil Museum

Fossils on America's Public Lands

Dinosaur State Park

Louisiana Fossil Page

Finding Fossils in Indiana and Kentucky

Fossils, Rocks, and Time

World's First Dinosaur Skeleton, Haddonfield, NJ

Fossils of the Roanoke Valley

Virginia Fossils

Utah Dinosaurs and Fossils

Plant Fossils of West Virginia

Fossil Formation, A Long Term Project

Big Brook [New Jersey] Identification Page

Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Area Fossils

Collecting Fossils in California

Fossil Collecting in Ohio

Fossil Collecting, NY and PA Sites

Fossils of Iowa

Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument

Visitor Information Guide to Fossils in Utah

High Inyo Mountains Fossils

UK Fossils Network

Fossils of Nova Scotia

Cretaceous Fossils

Burgess Shale Fossils

The Triassic-Jurassic Footprint Project

Virtual Ichnology

Collecting and Studying Microfossils

Jurassic Ammonites

Fossil Corals

Photographing Fossils

Bibliography of Fossil Vertebrates

Preserving Vertebrate Fossils: Notes From The Laboratory - Amateurs Advancing Paleontology

Field Adventures in Paleontology

Oregon Fossil Guy

Fossil Links

Information on Fossils and Fossil Collecting


Dinosaurs and Birds

Feathers, scutes and the origin of birds


ScienceDaily: New Species Clarifies Bird-Dinosaur Link

Feathered dinosaurs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Dinosaurs and Birds... and Cladistics

The Evolution of Birds from Dinosaurs

Did Birds Evolve From Dinosaurs?

Out of Thin Air: Dinosaurs, Birds, and Earth's Ancient Atmosphere

Dinobuzz: Dinosaur-Bird Relationships

Jurassic/Cretaceous--Are Birds Really Dinosaurs?

"Sleeping Dragon" Fossil May Link Dinosaurs, Birds

CNN - Scientists: Fossils prove that birds evolved from dinosaurs

CC214: Transitional Birds


Evolution and Extinction

The Great Mystery

Dinosaurs and Evolution Introduction

Dinosaurs and Extinctions

Dinosaur Volcano Greenhouse Extinction

The End-Cretaceous (K-T) Extinction

Dinosaur Extinction

101 Crazy Dinosaur Theories

Mass Extinction: A Mathematical Model

Extinctions: Cycles of Life and Death Through Time


The Permian Mass Extinction

A History of Evolutionary Thought

The Evolution of Birds from Dinosaurs

Did Birds Evolve From Dinosaurs?

Out of Thin Air: Dinosaurs, Birds, and Earth's Ancient Atmosphere

Evolution of the dinosaurs

Evolution: Extinction: What Killed the Dinosaurs?

The Evolution of Dinosaurs: Paul C. Sereno

ScienceDaily: Evolution News

The Evolution of Birds from Dinosaurs

Did Birds Evolve From Dinosaurs?

Dinosaur Interplanetery Gazette - A New Extinction Model ?

Extinction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Dinosaur Extinction Page

What Killed The Dinosaurs?: The Great Mystery

Dinosaur Extinction Theories



For Kids

Zoom Dinosaurs


What Dinosaur Are You?

Dino Directory

The Dinosaur Art Gallery of Joe Tucciarone

Dinosaur Dig

Land O' Dinosaurs

Discovering Dinosaurs

The Dinosaur Museum

The Dino Database

My Dinomite Site

Amrit's Website of Dinosaurs

Alastair's Dinosaurs

Dino Don's Dino World

Dixie the Dinosaur


Journals and Publications (Including Online)

The Dinosaur Interplanetary Gazette

Journal of Dinosaur Paleontology

Journal of Paleontology

The Jurassic Journal

Fossil News

Palaeontologia Electronica

Beri's Dinosaur World Magazine

Dinosaur News

Dinosaur World

Dino Land Gazette




Dinosaur Movie History

JP Database

T. Rex- Imax

T. rex on the Silver Screen-A history of dinosaur movies

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Flubs of Jurassic Park | The Big Waste of Space

The Land Before Time - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

King Kong - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

King Kong (2005)

King Kong - The Eight Wonder of the World

One Million BC

King Dinosaur (1955)

3B Theater: King Dinosaur!

The Beast of Hollow Mountain (1956)

The Beast of Hollow Mountain

Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959)

Journey to the Center of the Earth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Giant Behemoth

Behemoth, the Sea Monster - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Dinosaurus! (1960)

Dinosaurus! - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Lost World (1960)

Scifilm -- Musings, THE LOST WORLD (1960)

Gorgo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet (1965)

Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet

Internet Archive: Details: Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet

Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women (1968)

Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women

The Valley of Gwangi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

3B Theater: The Valley of Gwangi!

Stomp Tokyo Video Reviews - The Valley of Gwangi (1969)

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (1970)

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth

The Land That Time Forgot (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

At the Earth's Core (1976)

The Crater Lake Monster

Crater Lake Monster

Planet of the Dinosaurs (1978) - The Bad Movie Report

The Loch Ness Horror (1981)

The Video Graveyard: Massacre In Dinosaur Valley

Massacre in Dinosaur Valley

Ganjasaurus Rex

Ganjasaurus Rex (1987)

A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell


Dinosaur Girls (1993)

Pterodactyl Woman from Beverly Hills (1994)

Dinotopia: The Miniseries



Willi Hennig Society

Introduction to Cladistics

Phylogenetics Methodology

What is Cladistics?

Understanding Cladistics


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