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Association for the Study of Dreams - dedicated to the pure and applied investigation of dreams and dreaming.

Dream Central - in-depth non-commercial site on dream analysis. Learn how to analyze your own dreams with a dream dictionary.

Dream Network - encourages individual and cultural appreciation for the value of dreams. Site includes articles, full index, interactive capabilities.

Dream Tree - Peggy Coats' resource center for dreamers.

Dreamages - a primer: how dreams unfold, how to remember and follow dreams, and how to find gold in the dross.

DreamBank - a collection of dream reports from many individuals, searchable by keyword.


The DREAMS Foundation - features dream interpretation, nightmares, lucid dreaming, sleep, and dream science including online experiments and questionnaires.

Dreams, i tuoi sogni - place for people to recount their dreams; (in Italian and English).

Dream: Art of teh Collective Unconscious- invites dreamers to explore their own dreams with artwork, personal narratives and written interpretations.

DreamWave - designed for reverie and revaltion about dreams.

DreamWeavers Web - send your dream to the DreamCatcher - and receive a response from experts in Jungian dream analysis.

Explore your Dream World - includes information about common dreams, stages of rest, and more.

History of Dreaming Class - from Ancient Thrace to cyberspace, this monthly email class traces the full history of dream sharing.

Lifetrac: Information and Resources on Dreams

Myths-Dreams-Symbols - psychology and metaphysics with a Jungian perspective. Dream forum and dictionary, articles, Jungian terms, personality tests, and more.

Nightmare Project, The - allows readers to post a nightmare, or read through an extensive dream archive and add commentary.

On Dreams - by Aristotle

Taylor, Jeremy - includes information about dreams, including interpretation of common dreams, and provides a history of the Unitarian Universalism religion.

The Dreams Project - an archive of dreams du jour collected from various submissions.

Working with Color in Dreams - explains how color appears in dreams, and offers methods for working with color.


Lucid Dreaming


Dream Views - class project containing information on lucid dreaming, sleep stages, dream recall, dream signs, and more.

Lucid Dream Induction - contains information on lucid dreaming, a program for the induction of lucidity, research, and links.

Lucid Dreamer's Reference Guide, The - lucid dreaming book reviews, bibliography, and sites.

Lucidity Institute, The - provides lucid dreaming information, training, and technology.

RAM's Lucidity Site - contains techniques, news, FAQ, and personal journal logging experiences with each technique.

Stop Sleeping Through Your Dreams - interactive site where you can talk with author Charles McPhee.

Ultimate Guide to Lucid Dreaming

FAQ - Lucid Dreaming - a brief introduction to lucid dreaming--what it is, what it takes to do it, and what can be done with it.


Dream Interpretation


Ask the Dream Doctor - interactive website where readers can talk with author Charles McPhee, submit dreams for interpretation, and have questions on sleep disorders answered.

But A Dream Within A Dream - offers insight about dreams, their interpretation, and analysis.

Dream Catcher - features searchable dictionary relating objects appearing in dreams to their possible meanings.

Dream Diagnosis - offers submission form, members area, information, and more.

Dream Emporium, The

Dream Lover Inc. - dream theory, personalized dream analysis, online dream dictionary and bibliography.

Dream Moods - includes definitions, dream dictionary, common themes, search, and forum.

Dream-Land - provides a searchable database of dream symbols, articles, and a dream discussion forum.

Dreaming@SWOON - search or browse over 3,000 dream symbols to build a dream diary that uncovers the secrets of your sleep.

Dreams and Nightmares - contains information and links about changing nightmares, interpreting dreams, and lucid dreaming, for adults and children.

dreamschool - offering online dream interpretation and information from the

DreamSight.org - exploration of dreams, symbols, and fairy tales by a Jungian physician.

Enhypniomancy.com - art of interpreting dreams by reclaiming meaning from realms which have been mystified.

FreakyDreams.com - offers a free dream analyzer.

Garfield, Patricia - includes information on Garfield's books Creative Dreaming, Women's Bodies, Women's Dreams, and The Dream Messenger.

Gayle Delaney's Dream Site - official homepage for the author and co-founder of the Delaney & Flowers Dream and Consultation Center. Includes information on the dream interview technique, as well as weekly dream topics and FAQ.

Guide to Dreams - learn about the history of dreaming and plumb the depths of dream analysis.

International Institute for Dream Research

Interpretation of Dreams, The - full text of Sigmund Freud's work.

Notes from a Dreamer on Dreaming - personal thoughts about why we dream, symbology, interpretation, and more. Also includes poems and short stories.

Quantitative Study of Dreams - devoted to a scientific content analysis of the meaning of dreams.

Sleepy Bear Dream Interpretation Site - submit interpretations of dreams.


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