Edgar Casey


Edgar Cayce Web Site - place to share information on psychic phenomenon in general and the Edgar Cayce material in particular.

Edgar Cayce's Schizophrenia Treatment - introduction to the psychic's approach to treating the condition. Includes information about his books and more.

Edgar Casey and the Urantia Book

Index of Edgar Cayce Readings

Journal of Cayce Studies - an electronic journal for the study of Edgar Cayce.

ARE Press - publishes books, videotapes, and audiotapes which offer helpful and hopeful guidance for a more fulfilling life, including the works of Edgar Cayce.

Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) - the international headquarters of the work of Edgar Cayce, considered the most documented psychic of all time.

Midwest Region - devoted to the study of Edgar Cayce, holistic health and spiritual wellness.

Northern California/Northern Nevada Region - A.R.E. events and activities in Northern California and Northern Nevada, relating to the work of Edgar Cayce.

Pacific Northwest Region - focusing on the study of Edgar Cayce and his theories on holistic health. Site features event information, belief overview, and more.


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