Gem Stones & Crystals


Gemstone Therapy: The Healing Properties of Gemstones and Crystals


Gem Stones


Crystals and Gemstones - Amethyst healing and psychic uses.

Birthstones - traditional, modern, and mystical birthstones.

Gem of a Story, A - explore the Hall of Geology, Gems, and Minerals at the National Museum of Natural History, and browse through an extensive gem and mineral image database.

GemSite - colored gemstone information resource created by the International Colored Gemstone Association.

Gemstones: An Overview of Production of Specific U.S. Gemstones - U.S. Bureau of Mines Special Publication.

Gemstones: The Flowers of the Mineral Kingdom - lists of some of the gem kingdom's more prized and recognized members by their chemical makeup.

Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom - information and images of minerals, including a special gemstone section.

Natural Gemstones - terminology, chemical formulas, collectors' information, and more from the USGS.

Nebraska State Geological Survey: Birthstones - informative pictorial essays on fourteen birthstones.




Power of Healing Crystals Learn how to select gems and crystals for healing purposes, and how to cleanse and charge stones. Includes a guide to birthstones.

Ann's Articles - Pictures and descriptions of healing crystals along with their properties.

Amethyst Galleries - offering minerals, crystals, and gemstones, with descriptions and images of hundreds of mineral specimens.

Ananda's Crystal Cottage - includes information on the healing properties of these gemstones.

Croftlands Crystals - quartz crystal, amethyst geodes, clusters, points, healing stones, birthstones, spheres, jewelry, powerbeads, tourmaline, and more.

Crystal Cavern - offers crystals, birthstones, gemstones, power bracelets, and more.

Crystal Keeper - offers crystals, minerals, and stones. - supplier of quartz crystal to the metaphysical and quartz collector communities. Features crystal galleries, photography, and in-depth articles.

InnerVision Wellness Center - offers crystals, minerals, gemstones, healing stones, and more.

Kaliski Healing Bowls - offers chakra-tuned singing quartz crystal bowls.

New Age Stones - offering a line of New Age and metaphysical items that relate to stones, minerals, rocks and crystals.

Pathways to Better Living - selection of personal growth items, including crystals and stands, tarot decks and other oracles, meditation tools, and more.

Udo J.A. Behner Crystal Growing - crystal growing and labgrown crystals, recipes, pictures, chemicals, etc.

Sacred Union - Extensive resources for crystal healing and other vibrational tools. Chakra pouches, selenite wands, moldavite, crystals etc.

Accord of Crystals - Accord of Crystals History -Catherine Bowman Actually, the same could be said about most in the elemental kingdom besides crystals. Crystals can heal, protect, store images and thoughts, rid the body of negative energies, and more.

Crystal Crone - Articles on crystal healing by Bonnie Cehovet, Reiki and Tarot reader.

Crystal Healing - By Julia Jablonski: This article presents several ways crystals can be used to augment energy healing, also known as therapeutic touch or healing touch.

Crystal Healing and Pregnancy - An in depth study of Crystal Healing with mother and child, during and after Pregnancy.

Crystal Power - Robert Todd Carroll on crystals. From the Skeptics Dictionary.


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