Psychic Healing & Faith Healing


American Institute of Holistic Theology Earn a home-study college degree in parasychic science. Courses include angels, sound, color and regression therapies, theology, esp, magnetic, vibrational and quantum healing techniques.


Psychic Healing

Sanjivani Clinic - Psychic healing, herbal medicines and aurveda are not miracles. Pioneers of psychic healing in India, offering traditional medicines, herbal medicines, and ayurvedic medicines.

Psychic World Network- Psychic & Holistic Directory - Free listing for holistic and new age practitioners


Faith Healing

Faith Healing - explores several questions regarding faith healing with several Biblical references.

Religious groups that reject medical treatment in favor of prayer - an overview of the battle between medically needed treatment and freedom of religion.

Faith Healing - Quackwatch Home Page Some Thoughts about Faith Healing Stephen Barrett, M.D. The notion that prayer, divine intervention or the ministrations of an individual healer can cure illness has been popular throughout history.

The Facts About Faith Healing - An opposing view of the practice and the implications of faith healing and it's possible placebo effects.

Does Faith Healing Work? Study finds faith healing causes needless deaths CHICAGO (Reuters) - Four out of every five sick U.S. children who died after their parents put their trust in faith healing could probably have survived if medical treatment had been sought, according to...

The Alternative Medicine Homepage

Study of Healing Can prayer heal? Find out in Research News, a dynamic newspaper edited by scientists, covering the relationship between science, religion and health.


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