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Update March 4, 2009


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Update March 4, 2009


An asteroid which may be as big as a ten-storey building has passed close by the Earth, astronomers say.

Fish with human faces are making waves in South Korea.

UFO spotted over Newbury

Briton hooks 55 stone fish

Buried Antarctica lake 'could provide clues to life on Mars'

Triangular UFOs low flying over three states

'Dino-killing' meteorite did not start global wildfires 65 million years ago

Natural Explanation Found for UFOs

Why Did the Media Ignore the Lights Over Phoenix? from The UFO Chronicles

The Patterson-Gimlin Film: An Analysis Anomaly Magazine

Water Link to Rossendale UFO Sightings Lancashire Telegraph

Water Ran on Mars as Early Humans Walked the Earth from CBC

From The Hawkeye Reports: Large, Hairy Two-legged Animal Seen The Hawkeye

Scientific Parapsychology with Dean Radin Shrink Rap Radio

From mailonline: Do These Mysterious Stones Mark the Site of the Garden of Eden?

From CFI Blog: Sir David Attenborough and the Yeti and Jonathan Ross

From the Bognor Regis Observer: 'Silent' high-speed UFOs seen over Shoreham?

A Brush with the Netherworld, from Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

Do Plane Crashes Happen in Threes?

From Despite Skeptics, Bigfoot Devotee Presents Sightings

Strange Lights Over Chester County, PA Examiner

From Cryptomundo: Biscardi Blamed for Bigfoot Hoax

Do UFOs favor PA? Statistics say 'yes'

UFO 'discs' popular in March skies

UFO 'squadron' low over Salt Lake City

It Ain't Nessie-ssarily So - Or Is It?

A UFO Sighting from 1974

Chupacabra possibly sighted in Nuevo Laredo

From Fortean Times: The Dyatlov Pass Incident from

The Commonalities of Mythical Beings from the Epoch Times

Could There be Real Monster Bats?

Man finds African wildcat in Uptown backyard from the New Orlean's The Times-Picayune

Cheetah-like big cat spotted by commuter from theThe Aberdeen Press


Update April 26, 2008

Did an Ancient Language of Universal Symbols Exist?

Two Women Report Ghost Has Been Having Sex With Them FedWay Mirror

Michelle 'haunted by Ledger ghost'

Lynchings in Congo as penis theft panic hits capital

Interview: Linda Godfrey author of Hunting the American Werewolf

No sex for all-girl fish species

Church custodian on trial in Italy for weeping statue hoax

Ancient Buddhist Paintings From Bamiyan Were Made Of Oil, Hundreds Of Years Before Technique Was 'Invented' In Europe

Mystery Lights in the Sky Explained?

Over 50 girls succumb to 'hysteria'

Circle Making from UFO Mystic

Bugs Use Plants as Telephones

Britain's biggest banks use astrology to play the markets

Stephen Hawking: Alien but primitive life likely

Man hypnotises himself before op

New Mexico Spaceport is the new Area 51

Sighting prompts California to expand search for elusive wolverine

What really happened in Indiana?

Does the Earth's magnetic field cause suicides?

Mysterious flow turns yard into pond

Scientists decode brain farts

The Great Eel of Birmingham There's Something in the Woods

Accused witch's severed head set for museum?

5 Monsters You Never Heard Of

Searching for Bigfoot By Tracy Armbruster Anchor

Dark Matter May Have Been Found on Earth NewScientist

A disease that allowed torrents of creativity

Are These the "End Times"? Earthquake in Indiana!

Deicide's Glen Benton Claims Bigfoot Sighting Blabbermouth

World's smallest transistor is the size of a molecule

Cape Cougar Back? from Cryptomundo

Mythical Androsian Beasts and Blue Holes The Salt Lake Tribune

East Texans Organize For Bigfoot Search

Which State in America is the Most Haunted?

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Skunk Ape: An impossible possibility?

The Day the Aliens Landed from Witness

Bigfoot Abducted by Aliens (But You Didn't Buy That)

Legend of the Crystal Skulls

Book by metallurgists blames rivets for Titanic tragedy

Reports Put UFO Near Airport

HPI Chronicles: The Ghost Girls Encounter a Past Life Regression

Faeries, Elves and Autistics

Pygmy Hippo Caught on Camera

Area UFO Sighting Under Investigation

Grunt Work: Scientists Make Neanderthals Speak Again

Paranormal Expert Says Ghosts Won't Move to New Yankee Stadium

Dangers and Hazards of Exploring Shadow World

Bigfoot Lends a Hand

A Black Hole in Big Bang

Facing Our Deepest Fears: Monsters Below The Earth

Can We Really Transplant a Human Soul?

UFOs: Why No "Open Contact"?

Betty Hill and The Twilight Zone

Marley Woods Update: New Active Site Located

Is Stickney Crater an Impact Feature?

Hays comes alive with Bigfoot rumors

Big Cat Seen Prowling in Barongarook

Researchers Find Pre-Clovis Human DNA

Colonial Ghouls, Ghosts Haunt Visitors

'Jesus Christ' Appears on Hospital Window


Update January 3, 2008

Long-eared jerboa hops into spotlight

PEARSON: Deconstructing a monster

Face Time Doug Hajicek of MonsterQuest

The search for Big Foot is on in Coffee County

Man recounts his meeting with Bigfoot

Aussie pair on little moa's trail

Just what’s loose out there in the woods? The world waits...

Everest footprints stir up Yeti legend

Lake Monster Legend Lives On In Northern Maine

Search For Sasquatch In The Tri-State

The Truth About the Abominable Snowman

Beowulf: Local legend or monster myth?

Great Ape Mystery is Talk of First Coast Town

Pennsylvania hunter by the name of Rick Jacobs claims he photographed Bigfoot.

Glowing Red Eyes

Wildlife Officers Investigate New Ape Sighting

Famous film of alleged beast seen in north state turns 40

Former South Carolina legislator wins award for movie about Bigfoot

Imaginary creatures from Bigfoot to Nessie are inspirational aids at a new writing center for youths

NASA satellite Reveals Unprecedented View of Mysterious ‘Night-Shining’ Clouds

Japan defense chief mulling action in event of UFO attack

UFOs exist, says Japan official

Readers call in on Dorito UFO

UFO activity above Cyprus

UFOs over East Sussex?

THIS stunning photo of a UFO over Cornwall was last night hailed by experts as one of the best ever taken in Britain.

UFO Reported near Camp Pendleton

Aliens in Argentina

Soviet Union witnessed invasion of US-made UFOs in 1980s

Update October 24, 2007

World's oldest Sauropod footprints uncovered

Big on Bigfoot: Two N.C. films look at the legend

Loch Ness Monster - Reduced to a Ripple of Wind on Water?

In the Past, the Amazon River Flowed West

The Great Pyramid Written By:Philip Gardiner from Paranormal News on August 16, 2007

UFO over Shoreham?

She talks to ghosts -- and they talk back

Hikers find rare butterfly Mount Charleston blue thought to be extinct

A spectre calls as crew investigates museum

Electromagnetic Wormhole Possible With Invisibility Technology

Reports: Dragonflies spying on protests

Phoenix Lights Mystery Decoded

A Submarine UFO - Odd new species discovered in the Celebes Sea

Haunting the Loch Ness

Dog survives house fire by hiding in bathtub

U.F.O Sightings Continue in Small Farming Community in Washington

'Vampire' arrested in Hong Kong

Images of Biblical Noah Uncovered in Ancient Greek Art - New Discovery Impacts Creation-Evolution Debate

UFOs Are Real; Bigfoot Is A Hoax

Poll: One-Third Believe In Ghosts, UFOs

Mysterious UFO identified

Former Edmonton mayor shares his psychic side By FRANK LANDRY -- Sun Media, The Edmonton Sun

There's Something Wierd Up There

Australian researchers believe moa exists

Your say: the Virgin Mary pebble

Rock-Star Ghost Diaries

Timothy Good, Author of Need to Know: UFOs chats with Judyth Piazza

Ancient Native American Discoveries & Spanish Artifacts Unearthed In Utah

Kucinich sees UFO, new book claims

Italy's Padre Pio 'faked his stigmata with acid'

Monsters or make believe? Florida may be home to Skunk Ape, other mythical creatures.

Meteorites, 'plagues' and bad omens

AN IFIELD psychic claims she was buzzed by a UFO in the early hours of Monday morning.

Do you believe in ghosts? Folks say River's End is haunted.

Don't go near the baobab

Tulpas, ZooForms and Orbs - The Connection

Is this a ghost caught on camera?

Parallel universes exist - study

Police probe 'Superman' sighting

UFO believers and skeptics clash at scientific conference in Alberta

Giant ear listening out for ET

The "Legend" of the Large Cat

David Hamel was building a spaceship to fly to planet Kladen

UFO sightings soar in Manitoba

A man and his (weird) museum.


Albany couple claim they saw UFO

DELAWARE: Aviation officials puzzled about so-called UFO that slammed vehicle

Whistling ghost

Circlemakers' Designs Still Cropping Up

Magnetic Trilobite

Mysterious shaking along Central Coast

How this 12inch miracle tube could halve heating bills

Ancient elephant bones found in Calif.

Last chance to solve puzzle of ancient hill

Monster hunters making hisstory.

'Fat' dinosaurs lived near the South Pole, say scientists

Canal Linking Ancient Egypt Quarry to Nile Found

Pseudoscience Nation

Rare type of asteroid to collide with Earth?

Iceland Still Believes in Elves and Ghosts

A 3,000-year-old mystery is finally solved: Tutankhamun died in a hunting accident

Are orange lights a UFO sighting?

Environmentalist Warns Of Covert Weather Warfare

Oldest identifiable footprints found Creatures came from the Paleozoic Era

Is city’s oldest home haunted?

Is this Article on Conspiracies Part of a Conspiracy?

DNA Extracted From Woolly Mammoth Hair.

Evidence of water on Mars discovered

BIGFOOT TRAPPED BY NORCAL FANATIC! One man’s obsession with capturing the beast

People will marry robots, says scientist

Global warming could wipe out most species

Skeptic James Randi Remains Doggedly Opposed to Any Claims of the Paranormal

'Ghost cop' brings paranormal to UM-D

Big day for Bigfoot believers

Mysterious Rune Stone Identified In Norway

Mystery sound rattles windows, residents; baffles officials By Jeff Haldiman


Yes, ETs and UFOs are real

Tom Cruise building '£5m bunker to protect against alien attack'

The Enduring Mysteries of the Moon

Who you gonna call? A reporter’s search for the paranormal turns up some interesting information and leads to a haunting experience.

The Lock Ness Monster: Low Sightings Threaten £6m Industry.

Space photos no proof of Ram Setu: NASA

Fossett mystery adds to Nevada mythology

Prehistoric find located in Swiss lake


UNEXPLAINED: Ghost Ships of the Great Lakes

Lost in a Million-Year Gap, Solid Clues to Human Origins

Meteor Trails Found to Be Only Millimeters Wide

Opening the X-files: inside Britain’s UFO Project

BOO: Things that go bump in the old underground jail

Pentagon Developing New Unmanned Spy Planes

Scientists make water defy gravity.

Yeti would be great for advertising, maker says

Astral Projection: Why You Want to Leave Your Body

The world's ten best mysteries

A UFO has been sighted in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

Scientists: Hobbit Wasn't a Modern Human

Bigfoot Expert, Scott Marlowe to Be Interviewed on Shadows in the Dark

Witch gives magical boost to Toronto FC

Former South Carolina legislator wins award for movie about Bigfoot

Queensland invaded by UFOs

What if phenomena aren’t really natural? By Ben Bova

Follow the ghosts

Scientists still in the murk about ‘dark energy’

Update June 6, 2007

NY Times' Best-Selling Author 'Steve Alten' Predicted Latest Loch Ness Discovery!

Trip proposed to centre of Earth via Arctic hole

Hellish hairy sea monster cast ashore

Big Foot search begins afresh - Villagers in Garo hills claim to have sighted mythical giant

UFO Rumors are sparked by lights

CFZ Director Jon Downes Interview

Pub's ghost in high spirits?

Mystery after UFO sighting

Spotted: UFO in Bangalore airspace!


PIECES OF THE PAST - Deadly superstitions

Mummy hunters stalk fact and fiction

MUSLIMS believe Allah has sent a message - after a girl cut a tomato and found his name inside.

Still searching for the truth

'Anybody down there?'

Archaeologist digs for proof of Sasquatch

They may be ugly, but they're really deep

Bigfoot remains a Texas-size mystery

Twelve year old who lives with separated brain lobes: the miracle of the future saint Marie Eugénie

SCOTLAND'S famous mystery creature - the Loch Ness Monster - is back, if new video footage is to be believed.

A £1 million reward has been offered to anyone who can find conclusive proof that the Loch Ness monster exists.

You're Researching What?!?

Indian family exhumes son's corpse to revive him

Breakthrough brings 'Star Trek' teleport a step closer

A haul of 28 new planets beyond our solar system has been detected by the world's most prolific planet hunters.

Ivan Mackerle: Here be monsters

Weird Carolinas New book highlights legends and lore

What is the Loch Ness Monster?

Bay Area Scientists May Have Cracked Sun's Mystery

Man 'learnt to walk in the trees'

A £1 million reward has been offered to anyone who can find conclusive proof that the Loch Ness monster exists.

Australian Researcher warns about Mass Human Extinction from Global Environmental Collapse

Creature spotted in Loch Ness

Movie: Monster in the Woods

Interview with Nick Redfern

Ancient Coelacanth Caught in Indonesia

Data on sasquatch piling up Sightings, tracks, hair consistent over the years

Scientists Discover New Genus of Frogmouth Bird in Solomon Islands

New species of freshwater stingray discovered in Thailand

Searching for unconfirmed species

The Host A surprising modern-day Godzilla that smashed the box office in Korea crosses the ocean to smash America

Strange encounters of the panther kind

Possible sasquatch sighting in B.C. Canada

Hunting party goes after Nessie — with sub cams By Andy Dixon

Sea serpent off our shore

Squatching, a documentary by Scott Herriot

Is this Nessie? By Ian Barron

There's Something Out There: A Bigfoot Encounter

Black Panther Sightings In Upshur County, Texas

Bigfoot or bear? YouTube viewers debate

Mark Mihalko tells of his field experience, and offers advice for investigators

A menagerie of myth comes to life in pictures and prose

Apocalypse at Sea By Micah A. Hanks

New Line nabs creature feature 'Night' lights fire under 'Cryptozoologists'

Universal acquires 'Three Men'

Pseudoscience on TV: Weak Investigations

Showtime for Sasquatch

Colossal squid may be largest ever caught

John Boston's Myths & Legends of the SCV

Why the Loch Ness Monster is no plesiosaur

Wisconsin Boys Say They Saw Bigfoot

Giant paw prints mystery


Why the Loch Ness Monster is no plesiosaur

November 2006 - A Most Frightening Sasquatch Encounter

Update October 9, 2006

Is There Still A Sea Serpent Of Bolinas?

Nick Pope responds to cover-up allegations

Remains of giant camel discovered in Syria

Apaches go public with Bigfoot sightings

A New Bird Species Is Confirmed in India

UFO group to discuss unusual sightings in Indiana By JACOB BENNETT

Walking tours present Gettysburg's ghosts

Brunei Bigfoot Trackway Photo

Arkhangelsk photos: Evidence of Yeti existence?

New Evidence: the Kinross UFO Incident

Achtung Nessie! Loch anglers in Dores drama By Claire Doughty

Biologist scuttles claim of Ogopogo skull found in Mexico

'Dragons are a universal myth'

The Flawed Guide to Bigfoot

Are UFOs whizzing over our heads?

Stories of paranormal pet activity spark some spirited discussion

The Screaming Bigfoot

The Loch Ness metaphor, a monstrous mystery By TIM NORRIS HERALD NEWS

Bigfoot website closed after revelations

The monster detectives: on the trail of the ninki-nanka

Doctor claims he travels back in time to heal

Ivory-billed spotted in Florida, skeptics demand proof

Organizations seek to verify UFO reports By Cheryl Winkelman

Tourists flock to Bosnian hills but experts mock amateur archaeologist's pyramid claims

New Dino Giant Unearthed in Brazil

"Ghost" Photographed During Hungry Ghost Festival

Haunted house 'ghost' revealed

'Monster' fossil find in Arctic

1937 Vancouver City Hall UFO UFOs, Reigious Art and the Alien Agenda

Everyone's First Reaction Was "Controlled Demolition"

Investigators Ponder Occurrence Of Crop Circles Here

Link to Ghhostly Talk Radio Show - Check it out!

Peru finds ancient burial cave of warrior tribe


Oregon coast ghosts and other paranormal legends

Mexico: Pilot reports UFO

Cops protect 'mystical tree' from attacks

Strange, bright lights surprise stargazers

Carnivorous Plant Eats Mouse At French Garden

Heading in the light direction

Sasquatch: Legend meets science - a review by Karl Rose

Do Russians have a Bigfoot carcass?

Exorcism priest denies murder

Rare rhinoceros spotted in Borneo jungle

Scientists in Germany say they have successfully teleported the combined quantum state of two photons

Cydonia - the face on Mars

Joseph Smith, contactee

UFO photographed over Split

Author says UFOs still buzzing W.Va.

Australian researchers back Hobbit claims

Ghost causes havoc at Pizza Hut

Amazon explorers discover 40 new species in a 'lost world' of rainforest By Lewis Smith


The Windsor is a certified haunted hotel

A curse-ory glance at Superman

Psychic consultant uses more than business sense

Ready to get spooked out? These tours reveal the supernatural side of Kansas BY BECCY TANNER

Occult claims clamor for serious study

Antimatter discovery could alter physics

Did ichthyosaurs fly? Probably not, no

Mind control and hypnosis

Strange Objects Over Louisville, KY

Earth's temperature nears million-year high

Moving beyond string theory

Women in UFO and paranormal studies

Searching for the ghost of Blackbeard near Ocracoke Inlet

Argentina - more UFO sightings and cattle mutilations

'Dead' woman shocks family

Search for the Big Grey Man of MacDhui

Staff of The Italian UFO magazine “Area 51” photograph UFO over Rome

Update April 26, 2006


Tracking a tall tale: Bigfoot specialist inspires off-road safaris in the wilds of Vancouver Island

Poser over baby Bigfoot poachers

Mothman has his own museum

Scientists find significant early man fossils in Ethiopia

Secret Lives of Deep-Sea Beasts Revealed

Bigfoot hunt a step in the right direction for us all

Have you seen Bigfoot?

Unexplained Monster Mysteries from the Sea

Plot Monster

Tracking Bigfoot

Texas’ Blood-sucking Monster

Tracking the ghost — Captured wolverine may lead to answers

Picture pair insist their tiger's no fake

Archaeologists have begun digging for what they think might be a pyramid hidden beneath a hill in Bosnia.

Rare 'stone man' gene that changes muscle into bone

Worshippers astounded by miracle of crying icons

Update February 22 and 27, 2006

Living Fossil Could Soon Be Dead

Interstellar Spaceflight: Is It Possible?

New model 'permits time travel'

Does Carcharodon Megalodon Still Exist?

Under investigation - UFO Sighting Rosewood, Queensland February 2006

Evidence Of Children's UFO Encounters To Be Presented at UN Conference

The truth is out there for the UFO spotters

Man-Made Katrina!

U.S. scientist says scores of UFOs fly around the Sun

Man Finds Hundreds Of Buddhas In American River

Do UFO sightings prove the truth is out there?

'UFO' sighting - Auburn, CA

Bonnybridge UFOs

Ancient Russian Manuscript Describes 19th Century UFO Sightings

Fresh footprint of 'Bigfoot' found in Kota Tinggi jungles

Researcher finds ‘Bigfoot trail’ 02/24/2006

Bigfoot In Johor Believed To Be From Perak

Bigfoot Sighted In Endau-Rompin National Park

'Tell us the truth on moorland UFO'

New Fish Possibly Found in Caribbean

UFO Evidence To Be Presented At UN Conference

UFO group says 100 Tennesseans saw unexplained sights

Logic 'explains most UFO sightings'

Ministry files on UFO sightings opened to public

Marshall blamed for UFO coverup

Ancient Russian Manuscript Describes 19th Century UFO Sightings

UFO Was It There?

History Corner: The Great L.A. UFO Scare of 1942

Does Bigfoot lives in Malaysia?

Speaker explains Bear Lake Monster

Is there a Lake Monster in Lake Champlain?

Thousands of giant squid wash up on Chilean beach

Giant squid's sex life revealed

Giant Squid Ecotourism Trips Draw Daredevil SCUBA Divers to Mexico’s Sea of Cortez

Adventure Travel: Giant Squid Diving 'Red Demon' Encounters

Society Claims To Have Scientific Evidence Of Bigfoot Colony

Evidently that Yeti wasn’t ready for his close-up

'Otayzilla' Lurking Around Otay Lakes

China closes nature reserve to Bigfoot hunters

Group busy stalking Big Thicket Bigfoot

Gigantic Apes Coexisted With Early Humans, Study Finds

Did Pterosaurs Survive Extinction?

Andes’ Ucumar in new TV Series

Chasing Monsters: Big Muddy Monster still has Murphysboro residents wondering

Bigfoot is out there

Extinct mammoth DNA decoded

Grandfather's Obsession with Bigfoot Subject of Feature Film

Update July 2005

 Chile: Eyewitness Describes Encounter With Strange Creature

Smallest 'guitar string' to weigh atoms


Waking the dead

Boy survives 'aswang' attack

Sea worms wash ashore at Ala Moana Beach Park

 Aliens Saved Family From Collision To Protect Pregnant Woman

Priest meets hotel's ghostly Grey Lady

Bigfoot might be lurking in Matagorda County

Silver Disc In Daylight Videotaped Over Venice, CA

The Importance of Philosophy in Human Life

Portugal: UFO Photographed in Monte Novohttp:UFO_News.html


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