Lost Civilizations


Atlantis: The Great Lost Civilization  - theories about Atlantis and its demise. Also some information about Edgar Cayce.

Ancient Civilizations and Lost Cities on Eliki provides beautifully illustrated content and articles on The Sumerians of Mesopotamia, The Historical Eliki, The Coliseum of Ancient Rome, Ancient Pompeii and More. 

Archeology and Ancient Civilizations - ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS The Journal of Scientific Exploration Lost Civilizations MEGA WWW Archeology Index Mesoamerican Archeology Web Site MAYAN Civilization The Ancient American Magazine The Explorers Club Ancient History Links 

Atlantis: Ice Age Civilization  - Viatcheslav Koudriavtsev's hypothesis on Plato's Atlantis, with additional information on the subject.  

Catastrophism, Lost Civilizations, Forgotten Technologies, and Missed Opportunities (10,000 BC-2,001 BC) Lost worlds, lost civilizations, forgotten technologies, strange evolutionary changes, and other mysteries of humanity's past and origins. 

Earth Mysteries 

Exploring Lost Civilizations

In the Hall of Ma'at - exploring the theories of mainstream and alternative archaeologists. Contains articles, an active message board, daily archaeology news, and more.

Lost Continent of Lemuria, The - Describes the discovery of Lemurian ruins near the Hawaiian island of Maui.  

Lost Civilizations - Atlantis, Lemuria, Anasazi, Ancient Mayans, Where did they go? And why? We may never know the answers to these questions but that doesn't stop people from asking them. All the history books in the world only tell a small portion

Lost City Resources and References Page - The city is now known as Machu Picchu. At first Bingham supposed this had been built as a hideout from the Spanish that invaded Inca territories in 1532.

Mysterious & Unexplained - dedicated to the study and exploration of lost civilizations, buried treasures, and ancient monuments.

Mysterious Places - come explore ancient civilizations and sacred places.

NOVA: Secrets of Lost Empires  - explores the technology and human ingenuity of ancient civilizations.

NOVA: Search for the Lost Cave People  - in 1997, archaeologists ventured into the Chiapas region of Mexico to search for the remains of a little-known civilization that preceded the Maya and found astonishing archaeological treasures.

Sarasvati-Sindhu Civilization  - attempting to delineate the courses of the 'lost' Sarasvati river, and understand the ancient civilizations that flourished around it.

Stan Grist's Adventures Into The Unknown  - documentary of the explorer's expeditions in search of lost civilizations, treasure, gold, raw diamonds, cryptozoology, and sunken galleons.

Hancock, Graham  - about the author and his search for a lost civilization.

Spirit of Atlantis  - treasure adventure story reveals new scientific views about the lost transcontinental civilization that was Atlantis.

Shadara's Ancient World - links to the histories and myths of ancient civilizations.

Voyage to Atlantis-The Ancient Civilizations of the Americas - Explore the mysteries of the ancient civilizations, the Maya and Inca -their lives, achievements,history, architecture, archeology,arts, photos and further references. Come share the fascination! 


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