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Dreams & Interpretations Hypnosis Past Lives & Reincarnation

Telekinesis Precognition/Telepathy/ESP/Clairvoyance Out of Body /Astral Projection

Near Death Experiences Channeling Spontaneous Human Combustion

Psychic Healing & Faith Healing Chakaras & Auras Acupuncture Gem Stones & Crystals

Aromatherapy Holistic Medicine & Homeopathy Meditation


Center for Mind-Body Medicine

International Association of Mind-Body Professionals (IAMBP)  - dedicated to bridging the gap between traditional and alternative health and wellness.

HealthWorld Online: Mind/Body Medicine

Qigong Mind-Body Healing World

Body and Mind Natural Healing  - features home remedy tips for making natural remedies to modern ailments, as well as selling products online.


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