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Dragon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Monsters - dragons.monstrous.com

Dragons, Dragon Art, and Dragon Lore in Japan Buddhism and Shintoism

Dragons - Chinese Dragons

Draconika - Dragons, Dragon Information, and Dragon Pictures

Dragon Art: Pictures of Dragons

Types of dragons

The Circle of the Dragon: History: Dragon Types

The Serene Dragon : Types of Dragons


Dragons in Ancient China

Monsters: dragons.monstrous.com


Dragon's Touch

Chinese Dragons

Biopark- Dragons

About Chinese Dragons

Chinese Dragons - dragon mythology of China

Japanese dragon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Japanese Dragons

The Circle of the Dragon: History: Eastern Dragon Overview



Leprechaun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia





Elf - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia<

Elf (Middle-earth) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Encyclopedia of Arda: Elves

Of Dwarves and Elves References to the strange beings in Norse mythology


Elves of Middle-earth



Encyclopedia of Arda: Dwarves


Dwarves: Biographies of the Dwarves found in Tolkien

Norse Gods, Goddesses, Giants, Dwarves & Wights

Of Dwarves and Elves References to the strange beings in Norse mythology



Nymph - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Nymphs In Greek mythology

Mythography | Nymphs in Myth and Art

NYMPHS, Greek Mythology Link - www.maicar.com


The Nymphs in Greek Myths

mermaids, merman, and sea nymphs

nymph -- Encyclopaedia Britannica

Greek Mythology: NYMPHS NYMPHAE NYMPHAI Minor Nature Goddesses


Gargoyles & Griffins

Gargoyle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Historical Base for Gargoyles - Northstar Gallery

Gargoyle history, architectural, religious and mythical

The Natural and Unnatural History of Gargoyles

Gargoyles Statuary History

Gargoyles and Cathedrals

Gargoyle and Griffin History and Information

Gargoyles Grotesques - Crystalinks

Griffin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Griffins - Crystalinks

Mythography | Griffins in Myth and Art



World Mythology: Greek and Roman Mythology: Mythical Creatures

Giant (mythology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


List of giants in mythology and folklore

Giants, Facts , Description and Documentation

Ancient Giants Legends Myths, Jack the Giant Killer Cornwall

Greek Mythology: THE GIANTS

Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology: Giants

Giants: Myths and Legends of the World


Names of Giants

List of giants in mythology and folklore: Information from Answers.com

Giants - Crystalinks



Fairy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Fairies World: Fairy, Fairies and Fantasy Art

A Field Guide to Irish Fairies

Faerie Central

Fairy: www.pantheon.org

Fairy Art: Amy Brown

Arthur Conan Doyle, Spiritualism, and Fairies

The Case of the Cottingley Fairies

Cottingley Fairies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

fairies : skepdic.com

Fairies: www.themystica.com

Fairies & Nature Spirits--Beliefnet.com



GNOME - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Gnome: www.pantheon.org



Goblin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Goblin: www.pantheon.org


Nature Spirits

Nature Spirits Devas Elementals - Crystalinks

Mythology's MythingLinks: Nature Spirits of the World

Nature Spirit Magic

Devas, or Nature Spirits

Nature Spirits

Nature Spirit Magick (The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum)

Fairies & Nature Spirits--Beliefnet.com

Power Totems and Nature Spirits


Water Spirits

Water Spirit Legends

Water Creatures and Spirits

Water Spirits

Kelpie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Creatures of Scottish Folklore Blue Men of The Minch: Water spirits

A Folklore Survey of County Clare: Water Spirits and Mer-folk

Nature Spirits



Unicorn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Everything you ever wanted to know about unicorns

Unicorn - Crystalinks

Legends: The Unicorn

Unicorns: www.unexplainable.net

World of Unicorns


Unicorn Dream Time - Unicorns, The Last Unicorn

Unicorns: www.ladyoftheearth.com

Unicorn: www.pantheon.org

Unicorn Collector



Mermaid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

History of Mermaids

Orkneyjar - Mermaid Encounters

Welcome to The Mermaid's Grotto!

The Mystical Mermaid: Mermaid Sighting 1943

Mythic Creatures: Dragons, Unicorns & Mermaids

The Mermaid

Mermaid sighting in Wales

Orkneyjar - The development of the Selkie Folk legends

Mermaids: www.dragonorama.com

The Cryptid Zoo: Mermaids and Mermen in Cryptozoology

The Unicorn, the Mermaid, and the Centaur - National Zoo

Mermaids and Giant Squids

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