Numerology - basic astrology and numerology, including planets in signs, planets in houses, aspects between planets, and the twelve Ascendants.

Do-It-Yourself Numerology - guide to numbers and their meanings for the beginner.

Interactive Numerology Forum - help us find out by participating in a research study on this fascinating subject.

NumberQuest - offering numerology reports and information.

Numerology Online  - daily personal numerological information and advices.

Numerology Resources

Decoz Numerology  - ChartCalculator and report writer software, free monthly/daily forecasts, tutorials, articles, and lessons. - receive a personality and destiny reading after entering a name and birth date. - numerological resources and readings.  - online school of the ancient Eastern science of yogic numerology.

SoothSayer 1.0  - numerology interpreter for Win/Mac.


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