American Ghost Society: Ouija Board  - discusses the controversial method of spirit communication.

Ouija Source, The  - dedicated to all the searchers who have established contact to other realms by using a Ouija Board.

Using a Ouija Board  - from a New Age perspective.

Efficaceous Ouija Board, The  - advice on the use of channeling boards and explains how to makeshift a board at home.

Moving Glass Séance/Ouija Page  - testing experiences and unravelling the mysteries of the phenomenon.

Ouija Boards: What You've Always Wanted To Know  - contains usage instructions, suggestions for better results, and pictures of different boards.

Museum of Talking Boards  - provides information on the history, operation, and use. Includes talking board lore and pictures of over twenty antique boards.

Witchboard.com  - shockwave ouija board.

Witchboard World  - gallery of antique Ouija boards dating from 1891 to the present. Also features history, tips for usage, FAQ, and more.


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