Out of Body/Astral Projection


Anne's Astral Webpage - helping people to learn about astral projection and each other.

Astral Projection - links to resources on the Internet and also contains an Astral Projection Tip of the Month section.

The Astral Experience

Astral Projection (Out Of Body Experiences)

Astral Projection [Tyler Uebele] - my brief research paper.

Astraltravellers - discussion board on paranormal phenomena.

Ballabene`s OBE and Astral Pages - articles on out-of-body experiences, theories, methods, and techniques.

Knowledge Nook: Astral Projection - links to a variety of resources, including astral projection, OBE, lucid dreaming, and more.

Out-Of-Body Experiences and Lucid Dreams - by Lynne Levitan and Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D.

Over the Fence - resources on out-of-body experiences, lucid dreams, and more.

Skeptic's Dictionary: Astral Projection - with links to similar topics.

SpiritWeb: Out of Body Experience - collection of resources, links, and tools for astral projection.

Treatise on Astral Projection - description and techniques.

Wren: Astral Projection - how to project and the astral experience.


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