Alex Tanous Foundation for Scientific Research - Dr. Alex Tanous, noted psychic and parapsychologist, devoted his life to research of anomalies. The Foundation seeks to conduct research in areas related to physical and spiritual development.

American Association for Parapsychology - seeking to provide a better understanding of the scientific basis for extrasensory perception.

American Society for Psychical Research - supports the scientific investigation of phenomena that have been called psychic or paranormal.

Electronic PSI Test - test if you have paranormal abilities. Find the card with the circle. Cards are shuffled once a week.

Koestler Parapsychology Unit

Mind and Consciousness - discussion of psychic healing, telepathy, and spirituality, based on scientific-spiritual technique.

Parapsychologist Leo Jean - introduction to my work as a parapsychologist, healer, and psychic.

Parapsychology Foundation, Inc. - supports individuals and organizations conducting research in parapsychological and related phenomena to promote a clearer understanding of the subject.

Psi Test - test your psychic powers of divination.

PsyberNation - group dedicated to the advancement of psychic powers in order to rid the world of evil.

Psychognosia - engaged in multidisciplinary research and parapsychological investigations into anomalous phenomena and related disciplines.

Rhine Research Center - Institute for Parapsychology

Southeast Institute of Parapsychology - working with spirit to expand awareness of consciousness and confirming the existence of life after the change called death.

Student Parapsychology Society - ghosts, hauntings, paranormal, and science of investigating them. Covers parapsychology, psychical investigation.

Theoretical Research within Science, Philosophy, and Society - works on the physics of consciousness and luck, and the basis of ethics.

University of Virginia Health Sciences Center - Division of Personality Studies - utilizes scientific methods to study unusual phenomena including children who seem to remember previous lives (reincarnation), near-death experiences, crisis apparitions, and deathbed visions.

Web Directory: Parapsychology Sources on the Internet - links to parapsychology research institutes, skeptical sources, research institutes on OBEs and lucid dreams, articles, and more.

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