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Myth in Art

Mythology in Art

Mythography | Greek Mythology and Art

World Myths and Legends in Art (Minneapolis Institute of Arts)

The Trojan War Myth in Ancient Art

Women of Mythology: Legendary women & goddess art of Howard David Johnson

The Fantasy and Mythology Art of Joe Tucciarone

mythology in western art

Mythology and ideology in Italian Renaissance art

Mythology in Classical Greek and Roman Art


Paranormal Art

Paranormal Art @ Art

The Art Of Paranormal Experience

The Paranormal Bohemian: Mystical Art, Poetry, Prose, and Music

The Art Of Paranormal Experience

UFOs in Ancient Art

Alien Alley

Aliens Fantasy Art

Boing Boing: Cryptozoology art exhibit

Cryptozoology art


Fantasy Art

Fantasy art of Elfwood

Fantasy Fine Art Gallery

Faery Art, Fairy Art, Fantasy Art Jessica Galbreth

The Year's Best Fantasy Art from The New Masters of Fantasy collection

A Fantasy Art Gallery

Fantasy Age

Fantasy art - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Fantastic art From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Cryptozoology Art

They Saw Them


Sci-Fi Art

Science Fiction Weekly Art Gallery I

Science Fiction and Fantasy Art by Peter Taschioglou (article)

Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists



Archive of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists

The Art Of Michael Whelan --Official Site

Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell

Boris Vallejo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Donato Giancola - Donato Arts - Realist Painter Artist

Jeff Easley's Official Web Site

John William Waterhouse: Comprehensive Painting Gallery

Duncan Long

Alan Rabinowitz Illustration

Amy Brown Fantasy Art

Bart Willard

Dawid Michalczyk

Dorian Cleavenger

Linda Biggs

Frank Frazetta

Henning Ludvigsen

Hilderbrant Brothers

Lisa Albinger Fantasy Art

R. P. Davis

Andy Duroe

Terri Windling

Lisa Victoria Fantasy Art

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Katharina Woodworth

Ed Hicks

Nicole Cadet

Michele-lee Phelan

David Fisher

Jeffrey K. Bedrick

Fantasy art by Nene Thomas

Jessica Galbreth




Friar's Lantern: Paranormal Photography

Photographing the Paranormal

Kirlian photography


Paranormal Photography Journey


Paranormal Photography: Interview with a Paranormal Photographer

Ghost Pictures - Whaley House

Do You Believe? A Ghostly Gallery from The American Museum of Photography

Digital Photography in Paranormal Investigation

Faeries/Faery Art

Ronny Vardy

The Celtic Faerie Art of Howard David Johnson

Magickal Art: Fairy art and Fantasy art of Jennifer Galasso

Syren's Faerie Art Gallery

Faery art of Hazel Brown

The Faerie Art of Deborah Grieves

Faerie Tales Studio – by artist Coleen McIntyre

Lisa Steinke: The Faerie Gathering

World of Froud

Rude Faeries by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Selena Fenech

Fantasy Faery Art

Earth Faeries by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

The Faery Shop

faery art and artists



Goddess Art of Jonathon Earl Bowser

Pamela Matthews

Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

The Art of Howard David Johnson

The Paintings of the Goddess Athena

Goddess and Beautiful Women Paintings

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Special Exhibitions: Goddess

The Art of Claudia Connelly - Out of the Mists

Goddess Art | God Art

Goddess Art by Thalia Took

Goddess Art - Reflections of the Feminine


Dark and Horror Themes

Art by Lupe (Handmade Rag Dolls)

Chet Zar

Creepy Fetus

Cristie Dunavan

Paul Komoda


Derek Mears


Sculpture, Statues, Models, 3D, Etc.


Nightmares In Plastic

The Shiflett Brothers

Pinkerton FX

Dan Perez Studios


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