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Pyramids - General

American Instiitute of Pyramidology

EARTHFILES - Update on Mysterious Deep Water Sonar Images Off ... by sand. From above, the shapes resemble pyramids, roads and buildings.


Pyramids - Egypt

Construction of the Pyramids  - illustrated possible methods of Pyramid construction.

Great Pyramid of Giza

Pyramid  - a rational approach to the mysteries of the Pyramids.

Mysteries of Egypt  - investigates the possible origins of the pyramids on the Giza plateau.

Pyramid Mathematics The author argues that the Pyramids are based upon rational mathematics and that they were built by man.

Who Built The Great Pyramid? The pyramids cannot be duplicated even with modern technology. They were probably built by aliens and were constructed to send man a message.

Pharoah's Pump This interesting site argues that the Great Pyramid was really a giant water pump. Also explains how the pyramids were built.

The Great Pyramid Of Giza - The Final Solution Interesting theories on how the Pyramids were used as beacons to guide landing craft and were also used for power generation.

Are The Giza Pyramids 11,000 Years Old? Hypothesis that the Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx were constructed at the same time and were built to correspond with the stars.

Is A Secret Tunnel Being Excavated In The Great Pyramid? Is the Egyptian government conducting a secret investigation into finding the mysterious Hall of Records deep inside the Great Pyramid?

Pyramid Photos - Index of photos

Pyramids - Egypt and the Americas

Giza Online

Faces of Giza - provides photographic evidence of hidden faces in the rock.

Gizagrid - reveals that the builders of the Sphinx and Giza pyramids aligned them to an underlying geometric grid.

Great Pyramid [] - essay on the oldest structure on earth.

Great Pyramid Mystery Solved - a rational solution to mankind's most ancient mystery.

Great Pyramid of Giza - Research Association - includes general information and images.

Great Pyramid Web Site - shows the chronological timescale given by the Great Pyramid for God's plan.

The Great Pyramid of Giza and the Baha'i Faith

Theories on the Great Pyramid - collection of theories about the pyramid at Giza. In Dutch and English.

Khufu's Great Pyramid - presented by the Unmuseum.

Khufu's Last Will - new discovery about the Great Pyramid of Giza: a geometric message deciphered, hinting at possible hidden chambers.

Pyramid Complex at Giza

How the Egyptians Built the Pyramids - interesting theory on the use of counterweights to lift heavy stones. Includes several pictures and drawings to support the theory.

Orion Mystery, The - positioning and detailed structure of the Giza Pyramids are accurately related to the positions of astronomical bodies in the constellation of Orion

Pyramid Builders

Pyramid Construction - ongoing research on the construction of the Egyptian pyramids.

Pyramid secrets

Pyramid Mysteries - The secret of the pyramids. Many myths, legends and fairy tales are told about the pyramids

The Mysterious Pyramids by Pam Miksell


Pyramids of Dahshur

Dashur: The Mystery of the Missing Valley

Expedition to Dahshur North - Contains reports and some photos of excavations at Dashur from Spring 1996 to Spring 1999


Chinese Pyramids

Chinese Pyramids - An Extraterrestrial Legacy

Chinese Pyramids  - located in the Qin Ling Shan mountains, about100 km southwest of the city of Xi'an.

Ancient Chinese Pyramids  - are these pyramids aligned to constellations?

Chinese Pyramids - Image Zooming  - images of the pyramids.


Pyramids of Meroe

Meroe Pyramids for such purpose,however there were actually more pyramids in Nubia than in Egypt. The largest Nubian Pyramids are at Meroe,Nuri and El Kuru in Sudan

The Forgotten Pyramids - The World's Largest Collection of Pyramids

THE NUBIAN PYRAMIDS OF LATE ANTIQUITY - new cemetery. With the exception of three or four generations of pyramids near Jebel Barkal, Meroe remained the Royal Cemetery for around 600 years.


Step Pyramids of Djoser

Djoser Pyramid

Egyptian Pyramids - brief introduction to the step pyramid of Djoser.

Mortuary Complex of King Djoser, Saqqara

Step Pyramid Complex of Djoser - contains plans and photos of built during the third dynasty (ca. 2800 B.C.) in what is now Saqqara, Egypt.

Step Pyramid of Djoser (Zoser)


Pyramids of Maya

Tour of Chichen Itza extending into the limestone shelf of the Yucatan peninsula lie the mysterious temples and pyramids of the Maya.

Mayan Esteem Project  - established for the recovery of stolen artifacts and the restoration of a pyramid site at Chilón, Chiapas, México.

An Archaeological Study of Chirped Echo From the Pyramid of Kukulkan  - by David Lubman.



Sphinx/Mars Connection Are the "face" and "pyramids" on Mars related to the monuments on the Giza Plateau?

Redating The Sphinx Analysis into how water has eroded the Sphinx and not wind erosion as previously thought.

Operation Hermes News and info on the English expedition to find the Hall of Records, a secret room thought to exist under the Sphinx.

Keys Under The Sphinx Is the secret of the Hall of Records hidden in the stars? This site says so.

The Modern Riddle Of The Sphinx This Web site argues that conventional theory is incorrect and only alternative theory can explain the Sphinx. Links and articles on alternative Sphinx theory.

The Age of the Sphinx Much the Sphinx has possibly been eroded by rainfall, which hasn't been present in Egypt for over 10,000 years. There is also a secret chamber under the Sphinx, which holds the secrets of "Zep Tepi" or the golden age that supposedly existed before the Pyramids were built.

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