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Fairy Tales: Their Origin and Meaning by John Thackray Bunce, 2007

The Golden Book of Fairy Tales (Golden Classics) by Adrienne Segur, 1999

Classic Fairy Tales by Scott Gustafson, 2003

The Classic Fairy Tales: Texts, Criticism (Norton Critical Editions) by Maria M. Tatar, 1999

A First Book of Fairy Tales by Mary Hoffman and Julie Downing, 2006

An Undone Fairy Tale by Ian Lendler and Whitney Martin, 2005

The Interpretation of Fairy Tales by Marie-Louise von Franz and Kendra Crossen, 1996)

Fractured Fairy Tales by A.J. Jacobs, 1999

Folk and Fairy Tales (3rd Edition) by Martin Hallett and Barbara Karasek, 2002

Newfangled Fairy Tales by Bruce Lansky, 1998

The Complete Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault by Charles Perrault, Sally Holmes, Neil Philip, and Nicoletta Simborowski, 1993

The Annotated Classic Fairy Tales by Maria Tatar, 2002

Nightmares and Fairy Tales, Vol. 2 by Serena Valentino, 2005

Feminist Fairy Tales by Barbara G. Walker (Paperback - Jan 10, 1997

The Great Fairy Tale Tradition: From Straparola and Basile to the Brothers Grimm (Norton Critical Editions) by Jack Zipes, 2000

Fairy Tale As Myth Myth As Fairy Tale (The Thomas D. Clark Lectures : 1993) by Jack David Zipes, 1994

The Science of Fairy Tales by Edwin Hartland, 2007

The Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales by Bruno Bettelheim, 1989

The Fairy Tale: The Magic Mirror of the Imagination by Steven Sw Jones, 2002

Symbols of the Soul: Therapy and Guidance Through Fairy Tales by Birgitte Brun, Ernst W. Pedersen, and Marianne Runberg, 1993

Archetypal Patterns in Fairy Tales (Studies in Jungian Psychology By Jungian Analysts) by Marie-Luise von Franz, 1997

Fairy Tales; Their Origin and Meaning With Some Account of Dwellers in Fairyland by John Thackray Bunce, 2006


Brothers Grimm

The Complete Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales, Deluxe Edition (Literary Classics (Gramercy Books)) by Jacob Grimm, Wilhelm Grimm, and Lily Owens, 2006

The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales by Brothers Grimm, Josef Scharl, Padraic Colum, and Joseph Campbell, 1976

Grimm: The Illustrated Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm by Wilhelm Grimm, 2003

The Illustrated Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales by Brothers Grimm and Arthur Rackham, 1988

Snow White and the seven dwarfs: Based on the original story by the brothers Grimm (Fairy tale classics series) by Carolyn Magner, 1994

Fairy Tales of Brothers Grimm Comprehensive Guide by Emily Fischer, 2004

The Hard Facts of the Grimms' Fairy Tales by Maria Tatar, 2003

Hans Christian Andersen

Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen and Val Biro, 2006

The Complete Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales, Deluxe Edition (Literary Classics) by Hans Christian Andersen, 2006

Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales Stained Glass Coloring Book (Dover Coloring Book) by Pat Stewart, 2004

Little Mermaid and Other Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales (Illustrated Stories for Children) by Hans Christian Andersen and Margaret Tarrant, 1999

Hans Christian Andersen: His Fairy Tale Life by Hjordis Varmer and Lilian Brogger, 2007



Favorite fairy tales told in England;: Retold from Joseph Jacobs by Virginia Haviland, 1959

Fairy Tales from England (Oxford Story Collections) by James Reeves and Rosamund Fowler, 1999

Fairy Gold: A Book of Old English Fairy Tales (Library of Old English and Medieval Literature) by Ernest Rhys, 1907

English Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs, 1967

The Victorian Fairy Tale Book (Pantheon Fairy Tale & Folklore Library) by Michael Patrick Hearn, 2002


Great Fairy Tales of Ireland by Mary Mcgarry, 1996

Traditional Irish Fairy Tales by James Stephens,, 1996

Irish Fairy Tales Edited by Leslie Conron, 2006

Irish Fairy and Folk Tales (Modern Library Classics) by William Butler Yeats and Paul Muldoon, 2003

The O'Brien Book of Irish Fairy Tales & Legends by Una Leavy and Susan Field, 2002

Fairy And Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry by W. B. Yeats, 2005

Irish Folk and Fairy Tales Omnibus by Scott, 2001

Irish Fairy Tales and Legends by Una Leavy and Susan Field, 1997



Russian Fairy Tales (Pantheon Fairy Tale and Folklore Library) by Aleksandr Afanasev, 1976

Russian Fairy Tales (Everyman's Library Children's Classics) by Gillian Avery and Ivan Bilibin, 1995

The Firebird and Other Russian Fairy Tales by Arthur Ransome, 2004

Favorite Russian Fairy Tales (Dover Children's Thrift Classics) by Arthur Ransome, 1995

In a Certain Kingdom: Twelve Russian Fairy Tales by Thomas P. Whitney, 1972


The Ocean of Story: Fairy Tales from India by Caroline Ness and Jacqueline Mair, April 1996

Folktales from India (Pantheon Fairy Tale & Folklore Library) by A.K. Ramanujan, 1994

Folk Tales and Fairy Stories from India by Sudhin N. Ghose, 1996



Japanese Tales (Pantheon Fairy Tale & Folklore Library) by Royall Tyler, 2002

Japanese Fairy Tales (Classic Japanese Fairy Tales, Vol. 1) by Yoko Imoto and Keisuke Nishimoto, 1998

Japanese Fairy Tales by Yei Theodora Ozaki, 2007

Japanese Fairy Tales and Others by Lafcadio Hearn, 2007

The Moon Maiden and Other Japanese Fairy Tales by Grace James and Warwick Goble, 2005

Green Willow and Other Japanese Fairy Tales by Grace James and Warwick Goble, 2003

Monkey and the Crab (Japanese Fairy Tales (Unnumbered)) by Seishi Horio, 1985

The Boy Who Drew Cats and Other Japanese Fairy Tales (Dover Children's Thrift Classics) by Lafcadio Hearn and Frances A. Davis, 1998


Middle East

The Arabian Nights Reader (Fairy-Tale Studies) by Ulrich Marzolph, 2006

Persian Fairy Tales by Jaroslav Tichy, 1970



Chinese Fairy Tales and Fantasies by Moss Roberts, 1981

Chinese Fairy Tales and Fantasies (Pantheon Fairy Tale and Folklore Library) by Moss Roberts, 1980

Tales of a Chinese Grandmother by Frances Carpenter and Malthe Hasseiriis, 2001

Chinese Fairy Tales by Marie Ponsot, 1988



Scottish Fairy Tales by Philip Wilson, Sue Clarke, Sheila Moxley, and Jacqueline Mair, 2001

Scottish Fairy Tales (Dover Children's Thrift Classics) by Donald A. Mackenzie and John Green, 1997

Glen Robbie: A Scottish Fairy Tale by T. E. Watson and Steve Ferchaud, 2006

Scottish Fairy Tales by Sir George Douglas and James Torrance, 2006

The Enchanted Forest: A Scottish Fairy Tale by Rosalind Kerven and Alan Marks, 2000

Scottish Fairy and Folk Tales by George Douglas, 2000

Celtic Fairy Tales by Neil Philip, 1999

Oscar Wilde--The Fairy Tales by Reinhard Gieselmann, 2007

Scottish Folk-Tales and Legends (Oxford Myths and Legends) by Barbara Ker Wilson and Joan Kiddell-Monroe, 1990



African Folktales (Pantheon Fairy Tale & Folklore), 1983



Scandinavian Folk & Fairy Tales: Tales From Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland & Iceland by Mary McBride and Claire Booss, 1988


Scandinavian Folk & Fairy Tales More Than 200 Stories from Norway Sweden Denmark Finland Iceland by Claire Booss, 1984


Native America

American Indian Fairy Tales by W. T. Larned and John Rae, 2007

Native American Stories from Keepers of the Earth Native American Tales and Myths by John Kahionhes Fadden and Joseph Bruchac or Sozap, 1991

North American Indian Tales (Dover Children's Thrift Classics) by W. T. Larned, 1997

The Old Ones Told Me, American Indian Stories for Children by Berry Keeper, 1989

The Wonderful Sky Boat: And Other Native Americans Tales from the Southeast by Jane Louise Curry and James Watts, 2001

Dancing Drum (Native American Legends) by Cohlene, 1998

The Grandfathers Speak: Native American Folk Tales of the Lenape People (International Folk Tales) by Hitakonanu'Laxk, 1994

Northern Tales: Stories from the Native Peoples of the Arctic and Sub-Arctic Regions (Fairy Tale and Folklore Series) by Howard Norman, 1998

Jumping Mouse and the Great Mountain: A Native American Folk Tale by Kathy Morris, John Morris, and Charley E. Burns (Hardcover - Jan 30, 2001

Dictionary of Native American Mythology (Oxford Paperback Reference) by Sam D. Gill and Irene F. Sullivan, 1994

Tales of Bear and Deer: Native American Teaching Stories for Children of All Ages by Dr. Jessie Wolfbear, 2001

American Indian Myths and Legends (Pantheon Fairy Tale and Folklore Library) by Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz, 1985

The Great Mystery: Myths of Native America by Neil Philip, 2001

Native American Animal Stories (Myths and Legends) by Joseph Bruchac, Michael J. Caduto, and John Kahionhes Fadden, 1992

Cherokee Little People: A Native American Tale (Rigby Literacy) by Marijo Moore, 2000

Follow the Stars: A Native American Woodlands Tale by Kristina Rodanas, 1998

Bone Man: A Native American Modoc Tale by Laura Simms, 1997

Coyote Stories for Children: Tales from Native America by Susan Strauss and Gary Lund, 1991

Quillworker (Native American Legends) by Cohlene, 1996

Sika and the Raven: Based on Native American Legend (a Dr. H. Book.) by Carl A. Hammerschlag and Baje Whitethorne, 2000

Ka Ha Si & The Loon (Native American Legends) by Cohlene, 1997

When the Chenoo Howls: Native American Tales of Terror by James Bruchac, Joseph Bruchac, William Sauts, and Bruchac Joseph, 1999

Meet Tricky Coyote! (Native American Trickster Tales) by Gretchen Will Mayo, 1993

The Storytelling Stone: Traditional Native American Myths and Tales by Susan Feldmann, 1999

Race With Buffalo and Other Native American Stories for Young Readers (American Storytelling) by Richard Young and Judy Dockrey Young, 1994

Spider Spins a Story: Fourteen Legends from Native America by Jill Max, Robert Annesley, Benjamin Harjo, and Michael Lacapa, 1997

Doctor Coyote: A Native American Aesop's Fables (Aladdin Picture Books) by John Bierhorst and Wendy Watson, 1996

Brave Bear and the Ghosts: A Sioux Legend (Native American Legends) by Gloria Dominic and Charles Reasoner, 1998

Lord of the Animals: A Native American Creation Myth by Fiona French, 2006

Red Hawk and the Sky Sisters: A Shawnee Legend (Native American Legends) by Dominic, 1998

In a Circle Long Ago: A Treasury of Native Lore from North America: (Native American; ALA Notable Book) by Nancy Van Laan, 1995

How Chipmunk Got Tiny Feet: Native American Animal Origin Stories by Gerald Hausman and Ashley Wolff, 1995


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