Armanen Runes - features courses in rune readings, rune yoga, and magick.

Beginning to Understand Runes - rune primer covering their origins, uses, meanings, and more.

Earth-Dancing - Earth Dance festival, interactive rune information, and more.

Islandica - contains phonetic and magical interpretations of runes. In Russian.

Mystery and Magic of Runes

Nordic Magic Healing - information on runes, charms, and healing; including hundreds of runic inscriptions, healing charms, and their uses

Odin's Runes - learn to read runes. Also, download a rune divination program.

Old Art - New Age - for people who are looking for answers to mystical questions.

Rune-Gild - organization formed to promote the study of our runic heritage.

Rune-Net - offers an international network for students of the Runes.

Runes - information on runes and their origin.

Runes - The Viking Oracle - a survey of the 25 most known runes with explanations.

Runes of the Elder Futhark - origins, meanings, and interpretations.

Runic Journey - online exploration of the ancient Norse runes, within an historical and spiritual context. Written and presented by Jennifer Smith.

Viking Runes, The - background information and resources from a West Icelandic Rune Master.

Jelling - on the famous runic stones in Jelling, Denmark, and their significance in Danish history.

Mystery of the Futhark Alphabet - about the connections between this ancient Northern European language and early Turkish.

Runemaker, The - offers a history and interpretation.

RuneType - The Rune Typology Project - computerizing the runic inscriptions at the Historic Museum in Bergen, with a grant from the Norwegian Research Council.

Ruthwell Cross - a reconstruction of the original inscription on the cross from what is currently readable and from old drawings.


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